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Mach 5 Aviation

Mach 5 Aviation is a force for all things aviation. Our instructors and aircraft technicians are extremely experienced with a dedication to customer satisfaction. Mach 5 Aviation maintains the highest standards of professionalism in all aspects of flight training and aircraft maintenance including safety, academic content, flight operations and administration. If your goal is to be a professional pilot, wanting to just get your pilot certificate or if your aircraft is in need of maintenance, Mach 5 Aviation is the most important choice you will make.

If you already have your pilot certificate, Mach 5 Aviation offers advanced training as well as biennial flight reviews and instrument proficiency checks.

If you are brand new to aviation and want to know what it feels like to be at the controls of an aircraft, Mach 5 Aviation has the answer for you as well. Come take a discovery flight! You will receive instruction that will count towards your pilot certificate as you take your first step in the world or aviation.

Mach 5 Mission:

We are Northern California's premier Flight Training, Aircraft Maintenance and Aircraft Management Company and we are committed to the highest levels of integrity, service, safety and excellence. 

We are proud of the contributions the entire Mach 5 family has made to the aviation community, and we invite you to become part of it! Mach 5 Aviation's experience can give you the qualifications, confidence, and the professionalism that will enable you to "stand above the rest." The right start for your career path from student to a Professional Pilot is at Mach 5 Aviation.

FAA MedXPress

Hey Pilots and Students! Did you know as of October 2012 pilots must use FAA MedXPress to complete an electronic application for an Airman Medical Certificate or Airmen Medical and Student Pilot Certificate, FAA form 8500-8?

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Ground School Starting!

A new IFR ground school is  starting May 15, 2014!

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Auburn Air Fair 2012

“Thunder In The Sky”

Did you attend? It was a great event with great crowds and participation!

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