Darcy Brewer


Darcy has always had a mission to inspire and educate young people using the power & magic of flight. She set her sights on accomplishing this through highlighting the important role aviation plays in history, showcasing the innovation and opportunity found in aviation, aerospace, and military service careers and by honoring those who serve by sharing their stories and experiences every step of the way.

Darcy also serves as the executive director for the nonprofit California Capital Airshow, on the International Council of Air Shows Board of Directors and is active in a variety of organizations promoting pilot safety, proficiency, and youth STEM education as well as scholarship, internship, and mentor programs.

A long time pilot, flying is her passion and she has a level of enthusiasm about aviation that is contagious. When she is not at an airport (which is rare!), she loves flying the Alaska wild and exploring small airports across the western United States in vintage airplanes.