Our top-notch instructors are here to keep you safely in the sky.

Flight Review

Required every 24 calendar months

A flight review is a minimum of one hour of ground and one hour of flight instruction. A valid flight review is required to act as PIC, but a flight review is not a checkride and you have nothing to fear from your flight review process.

If our instructor is comfortable with your knowledge and flying at the end of the flight, they’ll endorse you and you’ll be good to go for another two years!

Instrument Proficiency Check

Required if you are 6+ months out of instrument currency.

An instrument proficiency check (IPC) is required to act as PIC under IFR if a pilot has been lapsed on instrument currency for more than 6 months. In other words, an IPC is required if you have not performed at least six approaches, holding, and tracking procedures in the last 6 calendar months. Like a flight review, the IPC is an educational experience, not a checkride. Enjoy it!