Dennis Pearson


Dennis’ passion for flying began while attending college at Washington State University.  While completing his undergraduate degree and becoming commissioned as an Officer in the US Air Force Dennis earned his private, instrument and multi-engine pilot ratings.  In the USAF Dennis flew the T-37 and T-38A ‘Talon’ for pilot training earning many awards such as Distinguished Graduate, Top Stick and Commander’s Trophy.  Dennis then went on to fly the F-15C ‘Eagle’ on numerous tours worldwide, was selected to teach air-to-air combat as an exchange instructor pilot with the German Air Force in the F-4F ‘Phantom’, and back at home taught primary jet training in the T-38C.  He has flown combat operations around the world accumulating over 8,000 flight hours, almost 3,000 fighter pilot hours, 1,000 Instructor Pilot hours, 200 Combat flights, and much, much more!  Dennis has also flown and instructed in over two dozen makes and models of civil aircraft from the smallest tail-wheel aircraft to the Cessna Citation jet.  After retiring from the Air Force Dennis began a second career in aviation serving at the FAA office in San Jose.  He also co-founded Mach 5 Aviation with Darcy Brewer with their mission of GIVING BACK!  They want to help make the dream of flight come true for as many people as possible!